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The contaminant guidelines for municipal water is seriously outdated. Have you ever ​stopped to look at the contaminants in your own water supply? Be sure to click the link ​above and enter you ZIP CODE to see the levels of contaminants your water.

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I purchased my K8 water ionizer out of desperation to live. I was struggling to ​breathe and live a quality life. My health failed rapidly within a year’s time. The ​medical community ran test after test and couldn’t get it figured out, so they threw ​meds my way and basically told me this was my life now. My diagnosis at the time ​was severe uncontrollable asthma.

I couldn’t get through a whole day adjusting patients. I would work half a day and ​have to recoup for 3 days at home to regain my strength and the ability to breathe. I ​was using a rescue inhaler several times a day, an updraft machine daily and was ​put on 20 rounds of steroids in 2 years time. I finally had to make the decision to ​close my chiropractic office and directed my patients to another chiropractor to ​continue their care while I tried to regain my health. At this time I was making out ​my will because I thought I was near the end of my life, and I was still in my 40's.

I dug into the internet to research more and try to figure out what the heck was ​going on with my body, because I was not ready for this to be my life. After months ​of research it kept coming back that I was chronically dehydrated. But how could ​that be? I drank tons of water, filtered water, spring water, alkaline water from ​health food stores. But I was in fact dehydrated because my body could not absorb ​those waters.

Thankfully my research led me to Kangen! I researched different water ionizers and ​realized Kangen was the better choice. Within 2 weeks of getting my K8 installed in ​my kitchen, my health started improving and has continued to improve with the ​antioxidants, molecular hydrogen, microclustering and superior hydration of ​Kangen Water. I am no off my daily rescue inhaler. I no longer need an updraft ​machine. I’ve gone from talking 3 minutes a day and being totally wiped out, to ​being able to talk for an hour straight and still feel energized. I can now garden, ​hike and play with the grandkids and now I feel safe and enjoy traveling again.

Without my K8, I honestly don’t know if I would be earthside today. This is why I am ​so passionate about sharing Kangen Water with the world. There could be someone ​out there struggling with their health just like I was, and Kangen Water may be the ​answer.

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“My mission is to ​empower families to ​get the healthiest ​water available into ​their homes to help ​their family thrive in ​health.”

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Dr. Cindy Brock

Retired chiropractor

Kangen Water Ionizer Distributor

“Change your WATER, change your LIFE!”

Enagic is the best of the best when it comes to water ionizers and ​just celebrated their 50 year anniversary of bringing healthy water ​into the homes of families just like yours.

Enagic’s K8 model is the top of the line water ionizer on the market today. ​It has 8 Platinum dipped Tiatanium plates (this keeps the plates from ​rusting during the electrolysis process) that produces the hightest -ORP ​(oxidation reduction potential, antioxidants, anti-aging) properties in the ​water while also utilizing the natural earth minerals already present in the ​water source which will then be concentrated to make raise the pH of the ​water to charged naturally alkaline water..

The K8 is the water ionizer I use in my home for my family. I like that it has a ​5 year complete warranty (our ionizers last 25+ years). It has a touchscreen ​panel which makes it similar to working your cell phone. It has an auto ​sensor countdown to show you how long you have left on your filter (you ​change the filter out once every 6 months to a year depending on how ​many people live in your household). It has an auto start feature which ​turns the ionizer on automatically when you turn the water on instead of ​having to manually push the POWER button on the SD501 models. It also ​had 8 programmed languages and has a universal adapter which makes it ​easy to travel to anywhere in the world. The universal adapter also makes it ​popular for anyone anywhere in the world who wants to purchase an ​ionizer for their home.

In this image above you will a depiction of what happens during the ionizing process. To keep things simple and not throw big ​scientific words and phrases at you, I want to make this easy for everyone to understand.

The water will first go through the filter, then it will enter the ionizing chamber. In the ionizing chamber is where the science ​magic happens due to the (+) and (-) ionizing plates inside. The K8 has 8 plates, SD501 has 7 plates, Levluke JRIV has 3 plates. ​The number of plates in the ionizer is directly related to the amount of molecular hydrogen, antioxidants and -ORP value of ​the Kangen water for that unit. The filtered source water will pass over the plates which allow the water to be “SPLIT” into ​separate molecules. The (+) charged natural minerals of POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM, SODIUM and IRON are ​attracted to the (-) ionizing plate and will get dispersed through the top hose of your Kangen machine along with all of the ​antioxidant molecular hydrogen. The concentrated natural minerals is what will make the Kangen water naturally alkalized. I say ​naturally because we use the natural minerals present in the source water, whereas most alkaline water you see on the store ​shelves are chemically alkaline with baking soda an have been sitting in those plastic bottles for a few years before it even ​reaches the store shelves. Kangen water is alkaline due to electrolysis which will dissipate within 72 and is why you will never ​see bottled Kangen water on the store shelves.

Change your water,

Change your life!

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Dr. Cindy Brock will reach out to you soon to schedule a one on ​one discovery call to help you purchase your Kangen Ionizer or ​to provide you with any further information you may need ​before​ making your purpose.

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No problem! We have several options starting ​at no money down and 0% financing.

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Anyone who purchases an Enagic product ​can get a free distributor account to earn ​back your money for your own ionizer or to ​build a legagy income that can be willed to ​their children.