Wholesale Vs. Retail

Wholesale Membership verses Retail Customer:  First let’s start with what it means to be a retail customer.  Simply put, as a retail customer you pay full price for products and there is not requirement for purchasing a premium starter kit.  Now let’s talk about why you should choose the Wholesale Membership option instead.  With a Wholesale Membership you save 24% off everything you order, plus discounted shipping, plus you save 50% off retail with your first purchase of a Premium Starter Kit for $160.

Do I need to have a monthly order? No, however Young Living has an amazing program called Essential Rewards that gives you up to 25% back on every ER order. They are very generous with their people who are loyal. The great thing with Young Living is that you don’t need to be on Essential Rewards if you do not choose to be. You can simply order what you want when you want!  And if you do sign up for Essential Rewards, then you can cancel at any time.

Do I have to sell the product too?  No you do not. By signing up with a starter kit you are considered a “distributor” which gives you a wholesale membership to save 24% on all future purchases verses paying full price for products as a retail customer. You do not have to sell a thing! Ever!  When I first signed up, I just wanted the discount for the products.  Then I started experiencing all the benefits of the products and started telling others, and then they wanted the products for themselves and told others as well.   Experience the products and health benefits for yourself and share your personal experiences with others.  Don’t keep a good thing a secret!   Also, where else can you start a business for a $160 investment?  So if you are interested in the business side of things, I would love to help you on your journey.  If you just want to use the oils for you and your family, then I am here to help you do that as well.

How do I keep my membership active? By signing up for a Premium Starter Kit to become a wholesale member for your 24% discounts, all they ask of you to keep your membership active is to place a minimum order of only 50PV (usually $50) a year in products.  That’s it!  Easy as pie!  Think of it like getting a membership to one of the big box clubs, only with Young Living you are getting 24% off retail for the year.