Welcome to a lifestyle of toxic free living!

My name is Dr. Cindy Brock, DC, and I am honored and blessed to welcome you to the Young Living Family!  I am a chiropractor and an essential oil enthusiast.    In keeping with my holistic approach to health and wellness, I would like to introduce you to Young Living Essential Oils.  Congratulations for joining the Young Living Lifestyle!

I have spent a lot of time researching essential oils, and I cannot express how pleased I am to have found Young Living!   One of the reasons I turned to essential oils was to start ridding my household and body of dangerous chemicals. While I love a good fragrance, that wasn’t the only reason I was investing in oils.  The Seed to Seal promise that no other company offers is why I choose Young Living.

When I first started using essential oils, I was like most people who start out on this wellness journey and bought what was readily available on the shelf.  And sure $7.99 for a bottle of eucalyptus or whatever I was buying at that time sounded like a great deal.  But I was being fooled by the 100% PURE label on the bottles.  How did I come to question this purity?  For one, I noticed a difference in the smell from one company to the next, also there was an inconsistency to the viscosity (thickness) of the oils.  So I had to ask myself why are they so different and did my research.  Get ready folks…..the FDA only requires a company to put 5% of the actual essential oil in the bottle to be labled 100% PURE.  HOLY COW!  So that means that the other 95% can be other filler oils or even chemicals.  When I found this out I was not happy to say the least.  Young Living promises 100% PURE ESSSENTIAL OILS without fillers or chemicals, which means everything when you are trying to rid your life of toxins which can affect your overall health.

So what exactly is the Seed to Seal promise that Young living guarantees?  That means that from planting high quality seeds, to the farms they are grown on, to no pesticides used on the crops, to hand weeding their fields, to rigorous testing to ensure quality products, to shipping straight to your front door means excellence.  Did you know that Young Living owns it’s own farms or co-ops with other farms to ensure it’s quality standards?  Young Living goes back and tests the soils to make sure that no pesticides or other chemicals have been used for years prior to planting a crop?  Did you know that instead of using weed killers in the fields, that the farm workers actually go out and hand weed the crops?  Also another important factor in choosing a company is that Young Living makes everything known to the public.  That means that you can go visit the farms, see how they distill their plants, see the labs for testing, and ask any questions about how they make their quality products?

Young Living also offers many products besides essential oils.  Some of my favorites are the Thieves Cleaner (this cleans EVERY surface in your home and is all plant based to help clean and detox your home without the harmful chemicals and it smells amazing), Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste, Eikorn Granola, Savvy Mineral Makeup and much more.  Experience for yourself the QUALITY of Young Living Products!